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Ant's News

Posted by Ant - 2 weeks ago

Small update!

This is what to expect with each level, I am going to be adding more detail and whatnot that the OG version should've had that I think you guys will love!

Take a look:


More care will be put into each place in the game and will hopefully change the game without ruining the nostalgic feel of it.


Posted by Ant - 2 weeks ago

If you have not seen my previous posts, please check them out here:

A long awaited announcement, the theories were right!


Money Man Announcement!


Money Man: Refunded's development has officially started!

Money Man is back! The original game is being recreated because I honestly don't like a lot of the stuff I did with the original version. I will be posting a bunch of updates along the way as I continue to work on the recreation! Thanks again to @BumbyJumby for coming up with the name, I seriously love it. If you guys have any ideas on what I could possibly add to make this version of the OG Money Man way better than please tell me, even if its a feature like extra modes and other types of bonus content the original didn't have!

If you want a first look at Money Man: Refunded's title sequence, check out this video below:

That's about it for now though, if you have any thoughts feel free to let me know!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great day! :3



Posted by Ant - 2 weeks ago

Daily Slop - Week 2; Day 2 (9/7/22)


Rating: 4.6/5


A Ham and Cheese melt, way better than the bullslop we had yesterday! It had some great fries on the side, broccoli and of course for the drinks I grabbed Chocolate Milk and Apple Juice. Again not a fan of broccoli so that’s a bit of deducted points along with the melt having a lot of ham juices leak out. Other than that, this was great! Sorry for the late post for the Daily Slop btw, I’m a busy man! Expect another one later. :3


Posted by Ant - 2 weeks ago

Take a look! I’ve just re-released the first game here on itch.io, stick around for more Money Man news regarding the recreation and the second game.


If there are any problems and something is weird with the PC version PLEASE TELL ME! I’d like to fix these issues as soon as possible!

(Also feel free to make a donation, it’ll help me have a bit more motivation to work on the rest of the games!)

One more thing imma leave on, would you guys want me to revamp my Discord? I kinda liked having one so maybe I can start it back up fresh and new.


Posted by Ant - 2 weeks ago

Daily Slop - Week 2; Day 1 (9/6/22)


Rating: 2/5


Today we have Turkey Ragu with ziti. Man this was just…bland. There was no seasoning, the tomato sauce was practically water, the meat had little to no taste and they didn’t even have Parmesan cheese available. The carrots are not something I enjoy eating so I didn’t touch those. The only thing that carries the meal was the Apple Juice and Chocolate Milk, kinda sad if you ask me. Just gotta hope tomorrow is better! Have a nice day everyone. :3


Posted by Ant - 1 month ago

Daily Slop - Week 1; Day 2 (9/2/22)


Rating: 5/5✨


Macaroni and Cheese with ham again today! This was an option I chose as I wanted the left overs instead of Pizza today day. The side this time was an optional Chocolate Chip cookie which was very good although it would probably be best warm with a nice cold glass of milk but for what it was it was pretty dang good. The juice option was Apple Juice today and I much more prefer it over Mango Juice from yesterday. The portion of the main meal was perfect and filled my belly, it even had more breadcrumbs from yesterday. Overall great lunch and a rare 5/5 slop for the day.

Week 1 is over so I’ll see you guys during Week 2! Have a nice weekend! :D


Posted by Ant - 1 month ago

Daily Slop - Week 1; Day 1 (9/1/22)


Rating: 4.4/5


Great Macaroni & Cheese mixed with ham with a side of broccoli. There was also Mango Juice and Chocolate Milk available. Everything was great except for two things; I am not a fan of broccoli so that’s a 0.5 point deduction and I also dislike the portion I got as others got more than I did. So 0.1 point deduction. Overall solid slop of the day, very impressed with the main dish.


Posted by Ant - 1 month ago

Below are some updates regarding the 2 games I am working on!

Alright so, if you’ve read my last post:


Than you are aware that I am remaking Money Man and making Money Man 2. (I doubt there will be a 3rd game tbh unless people really enjoy the second one and want more. Thanks to a suggestion by @BumbyJumby the remake will be named “Money Man: Refunded” and the second game will still most likely be named “Money Man: Partners in Time”. With that information out of the way, if I were to remove and replace some stuff from the original Money Man in the remake and I get permission from Jazzuo, should the 2 games (if polished enough) be released on Steam? What do you guys think? I want honest opinions too because if imma put it on Steam then I wanna know if that’s something people will want. If it does go on there it will be available for free! Anyways lemme know what you think and if the vast majority think it’s a good idea it will go on there! (as long as it is as polished as I hope it will be)

Anyways that’s about it, cya! :3



Posted by Ant - July 24th, 2022

Hello everyone, if and when I get back into makin games to put up here I have 2 games that are coming.

Announcement #1:

I am officially announcing “Money Man: Partners in Time” the sequel to “Money Man”! This sequel will be better polished and will have a better story with an improved engine very similar to the older one in the first game. I won’t say much regarding this game except for the fact that you will have 2 playable characters with those being Blue Ball (Red Ball’s brother!) and of course Red Ball. (Yeah many don’t know that Money Man isn’t rlly his name lol, it’s just the name of the game.) This game will also have new settings like a prison, ruined lands, a fortress and more, it will also have new mechanics like charging through boxes and walls, a timer and power-ups. This stuff can change with time so don’t expect anything crazy. On the topic of time, this will be centered around time travel as well!

Announcement #2:

The original “Money Man” is being recreated with the better engine in the second game and maybe some bonus content!

Those are the only 2 announcements I felt worth posting here so as I slowly chip away at making shit on my PC stay tuned for more and have a great day, cya guys! :3



Posted by Ant - July 23rd, 2022

Well I wasnt quite expecting this to even happen

While I do think that it’s amazing I’ve even gotten to this point by only posting rlly dumb shit on this site and that all 2,000+ of you enjoy that stuff, I have to tell you guys something

I probably won’t be nearly as active on this site or any other site as I used to be as my crippling social anxiety is just getting worse and worse

I may be a bit scared of NG and other platforms I’m on due to the audience but thanks guys

Despite how nervous I may be around others, I feel loved by many.

So thank you guys, I appreciate you.

Hope you are having a good day today! :3