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Ant's News

Posted by Ant - September 16th, 2023

Hey guys!

Shits been all over the place recently but I don’t really wanna get into it. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post MMR is currently on hold. I will be working towards getting a release date for all of you as I chip away at it. I also have plans to release a gameplay trailer very soon giving a final glimpse of what there is to look forward to and how it compares to the original version.

As silly and as funny as the game looks it will have some disturbing material and the age rating is looking to be rated M at the moment. There will be some serious moments but I don’t want to elaborate atm, you’ll find out when the game is out if you don’t already know.

I have a specific intended meaning for the story though if you are following along as you play you can make what you want of it, the meaning to me is one thing but the meaning could be completely different to someone else.

I doubled down on this decision since I felt it was fitting for a Jazzuo fan game as he has made games with pretty dark topic in them though the only difference with mine is that it’s meant to be taken a bit more seriously.

We also have a pretty important date coming up tomorrow being Sexy Hiking’s birthday is coming up. As of 9/17/23 SH will become 20 years old! That’s 2 decades and I think that’s crazy. The game came out on 9/17/03 contrary to what many other believe since Bennett Foddy mentioned Getting Over It to be based on Sexy Hiking and said it was released in 2002. The original date of the first known file is 9/17/03 and to back it up with more evidence it was made in Game Maker 5 which also came out in 2003 and it would’ve been impossible for SH so have came out in 2002.

So to celebrate this I will be throwing a small celebration in the Jazzuo Fanserver:


and if you like any of Jazzuo’s work visit:


There will be some stuff going on there too and if you’d like to make some Frantisek fanart or games or legit anything you want submit it to me or to the discord server and I’ll put everything on Jazzuo.net in its own category to commemorate the day.

This was all only mentioned in the first place because Jazzuo’s most successful game was SH and it was a huge inspiration for MMR and many other things I’ve made or are currently being made.

I hope you’re all well and are excited for the game I’ve been putting my all into it and it’s killed my motivation several times but after I get it back it’ll be in full swing and I’ll be releasing it someone next year within the first 4 months.

Take care! :D



Posted by Ant - September 11th, 2023

I'm not one to continue talking about this stuff like this but if you're one of these people fuck off lol

Thought it was just someone adding me bc they enjoyed my game

Then they asked to add something they made to the description

And after that I get a message from him asking if furry is a gender?

For context he's gay, I am too and I'm also a furry just to clear that up before you read this

Ik I don't rlly make that information known that well but if you're one of my friends or have known abt me for a while you definitely know




Just thought this was funny asf and wanted to share this, not afraid to censor their name either cause I just don't care to but that doesn't mean you can harass them

First of all I don't even act like an animal that would just be strange that's not what being a furry is, that's being a therian and I think therians take it too far tbh but that's just me

Second of all this dude is a weirdo acting like I care if he blocks me, I barely knew him for a day and he acts like I'd care if he blocked me acting all superior and shit

Seriously though if you are one of these people, politely leave my page and don't come back :]

Money Man: Refunded is on hold btw it'll be coming out sometime next year I promise


Posted by Ant - July 18th, 2023


My website is up!

I updated my site have have loads more content and I will slowly be adding more and more pages to it.

I also wanna start a lil blog on there too.

One of the main things I was happy about adding was a games page with exe downloads to my games, I am slowly porting all of my games to Construct 3 if possible and creating desktop versions for all of them.

These downloads will also become available on my itch.io page too if you don't want to visit my site for them.

Right now there isn't much to the games page but I plan on adding a page for each game individually in the future as well.

So I hope you enjoy my site I also put some silly pics on there as well as links so other site I own or like.

Money Man: Refunded Progress Update

So due to recent family related issues progress has slowed down again.

But during my terrible motivation-less state I decided to try out Construct 3, as you may or may not know both Money Man: Classic and Money Man: Refunded are made on Construct 2.

I didn't realize how much better Construct 3 was until I tried it out, I had so many roadblocks getting Money Man into Construct 3 though due to the use of over 10 plugins that weren't supported on Construct 3.


For example, with the hmmg_LayoutTransition plugin I have to remove it from MMR in order for it to work with Construct 3 and use the HGTransition plugin on Construct 3 r317 to do the screen flip effect instead.

This is such a pain in the ass since I used so many plugins but I think the new engine is worth all the work since it's so much better than Construct 2.

Anything else?

Yes! :D

I have been working on and off on a Game Maker game archive.

You may already know about my archive site for Jazzuo named jazzuo.net which has a lot of his games that were also made in Game Maker which inspired me to start putting a database together containing any Game Maker game I could find made in a classic version of Game Maker. (basically anything before Game Maker Studio so GM1-8.1)

If you would like to contribute to this please message me on Discord or on here!

My discord username is "8bitant".

Hope you all are well, take care! <3



Posted by Ant - June 30th, 2023


Amidst the crumbling ruins, an ominous force awakens.

Face the chilling secrets lurking within the depths of this twisted realm.


Coming Soon...




Posted by Ant - May 26th, 2023

Where the fuck have u been?

I jus haven't been using any social media shit lately

Especially Discord, I use it to talk to individual people but not really any servers except for one

Edit: Didn't realize how much I'd rant so skip this if u want lol

I'm trying not to do any online "friend group" shit cause that leads to problems cuz people are idiots

It's just a bunch of people doing something someone else does because this or that, they dont agree with one thing or another thing, or blah blah blah fighting fighting fighting and they just end up feeding the fire till someone gets kicked out and they quiet down for a bit until they need to kick another person out to satisfy their needs

(thats what it feels like at least)

I hate those types of groups online and I don't think I'll ever participate in actively being apart of any of those deranged hell-holes again

Long story short, just block someone and walk away instead of engaging and making it worse

It's so damn simple

I have been hanging out with my IRL friends more which has done wonders to my mental health

Socializing really helps so get out there and talk to people who are actually in the same room as you!


Where's MMR Ant, its taking too long!!!

So I've been taking a break from Money Man: Refunded as well so expect a later release date

It's almost done yet so much stuff needs to be added and fixed so thank u 4 ur patience T^T

If this helps to hold you over, I posted this vid:



So, what have you been doing?

I have been working on websites for the most part

Here is my personal site, its small but I plan to add more later on




I have been so hard at work on the Jazzuo website though because I want to provide an Ad-Free resource and an easy-to-access safe area on the web to download and play all of Jazzuo's wacky games for any fans that are still around!

He's inspired me greatly so hopefully this website can let his games live on!



Anything else?

My relationship with my bf has been so amazing and I haven't been this happy in a while, I love him sm and I can't thnk him enough for being so amazing to me <<3 :3

I turned 17 (idk if i posted abt that already lol) and after some time passed I realized that it actually did feel a change, I feel a bit more mature now and looking back I see my past self as of 2-3 years ago as such a immature weirdo but I finally feel good abt myself now, I'm still a bit awkward at times but its whatevs ig

I also participated in @PencilArtistEnt's 22nd b-day art raffle, so check it out if you want! :D



Have a nice day, and don't forget to get a breath of fresh air! :]



Posted by Ant - April 2nd, 2023

Imma still make money man lol




Posted by Ant - April 1st, 2023

As of lately I've just been too busy and unmotivated to do anything, so I'm going to be giving up development on Money Man: Refunded. I honestly think it`s too all over the place, unorganized, and just an overall dumb game.

I`m sorry guys but maybe you`ll like whatever I make next, hope ur having a nice day tho.



Posted by Ant - March 21st, 2023

Fat Fish Aquarium


I am very happy that people enjoyed Fat Fish Aquarium, I made that game in around 2 weeks time to challenge myself and added stuff I have never messed with before and tried to make something new that I haven't done yet. It was super fun and after patching tons of dumb bugs, adding upgrades, adding mobile compatibility and putting the game on itch.io I wrapped up the game and began working on Money Man: Refunded again.

Also, thanks for Daily 3rd and the frontpage!!! :D


Money Man: Refunded

Since I have just got back to work on it there is not much to say but I have had a bit trouble starting to work on it again but I will soon get back into it and be completely focused on it and I will hopefully release it by my personal deadline, and if not than it's ok. I just really wanna challenge myself with this and see if I can pull it off. Speaking of, after I release Money Man: Refunded I will take a break and then begin work on Fat Fish Aquarium Deluxe!

Fat Fish Aquarium Deluxe

In this new release of the game in which I will most likely be putting on Steam, I will be adding tons more to the game along with a bunch of overall improvements to the gameplay like making it easier, improving the A.I. of the fish, having more fish, tank customization, a radio to choose music and also muting it, more options, more upgrades, replacing some sprites, more and better bosses, a completely original soundtrack and much much more. Also don't worry the art style will still look awful because that's the point so get over it/



Thanks for everything guys, I really appreciate it.

You are the reason my creativity can continue to thrive! <3

I hope you have a great day! :D



Posted by Ant - February 23rd, 2023

It’s my b-day! :]

I am now 17! I don’t really feel any different lol

I guess im 1% more mature now or something idk

But ye woohoo to me it's my birthday and stuff wee :D

I’m going to be releasing a new game called Fat Fish Aquarium!


Me and my friends have joked about the game’s existence as well as the character Fat Fish for a long time in and out of our games but I am finally making this into a full on game! It’ll be a small one when I release it but I’ve been having fun making it over my week off. You may be asking though, “What about Money Man: Refunded?”, well don’t worry because that is still being made too! Due to Fat Fish Aquarium’s simplicity I’ve been able to take a break from MMR to work on this. MMR is a School project that has been going since day one of my school year and I haven’t taken a break from working on it until this week. I’ve been making Fat Fish Aquarium in cooperation with @AtreyuGilbert and it should be released in the upcoming weeks as long as everything goes to plan.


What's the deal with Money Man: Refunded?

I am still workin on it! It's almost done too! I have some finishing up to do with the ending portion and this last portion will take a long time to complete, don't expect to see the game out until around 3-4 months from now (maybe earlier) but I hope Fat Fish Aquarium can hold you over till then once it's out! I am trying so hard not to spoil the game but I really hope you guys enjoy it since I have been putting a lot of effort into it.

the conclusion or something lol

I am very happy rn in life and whatevs and I hope you guys are excited for my upcoming projects and that you enjoy them upon release! Take care everyone!



Posted by Ant - January 24th, 2023

Hey all, Happy belated Pixel Day!!!1! :D

You may be wondering (or maybe not) how Money Man: Refunded is going and what it is looking like. It is going great, and is almost done! I am currently working on detail and small little things the game may not need but could be nice to have along with secrets for players to find as they play through this silly game, so just keep in mind that this game is loaded with stuff you won't see unless you really search through it. The toughest obstacle I'll have to face with this game is the boss fight at the end due to its complexity. If anyone knows a lot about Construct 2 or maybe even Construct 3 with animating within the software or with save data who could help out in some capacity that would be fantastic, just hmu here or on Discord for details.

Here's a Demo video of me showing off the game and some other features that are in it, feel free to leave criticism but keep in mind it is in an incomplete form (obviously) and things may change.

The original game for comparison:

Also kinda off-topic but here's a remake of GM Double Fall by Jazzuo that I posted which was the first game to have this character in it!

I have genuinely been putting in tons of my time to make this game as polished as possible and have been so passionate about this silly little greedy red ball man. I just love to create, it keeps me going and keeps me happy so I hope that when this is released regardless of the reviews or score that at the end of the day people enjoy the game and had some fun playing it and that it could bring a smile to their face. I love to just make people happy and that's really my true goal with most of the stuff that I make, even if the stuff I have made in the past is something I am not too impressed with cause I dislike a lot of it, I hope it brought some sort of happiness or laughter to someone. With that being said I can't wait to release my new game to show improvement or to simply just make someone out there happy, I hope you all have a great day!

Thanks for reading! :3