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Ant's News

Posted by Ant - 2 weeks ago

DIdn't expect Eat Spajeje 2 to get Frontpaged or get Daily 3rd, thanks!



It was briefly disguised as Money Man: Refunded and still is technically though I changed the title, thumbnail, and description lol

MMR is going to be out soon hopefully

For more dumb games like that check out the playlist below!



Posted by Ant - 3 weeks ago





Posted by Ant - 1 month ago

Hey guys, first of all I know I said I wouldn't talk much about it anymore a few posts ago but I think this post should be made to make people aware of what this game is going to be. This will be my final news post updating you about the game until it is nearly complete! :D

Money Man: Refunded


Cover art made by Pyronator and the logo is changing soon...

Release date: Q3 2024

Rating: M for Mature (17+)

Genre: Platformer & RPG

This game will be a reimagining of the game below:


Money Man was a professional golfer who lost interest in his hobby and didn’t know what to do next. He had an obsession with gaining more money but without his golf career, he didn’t have a way to get any. He then got an online gambling addiction and lost all of his money. After losing interest in gambling with all of his cash gone, he strives to collect more money and finds the TeleWarp GPU which allows him to warp to different areas of the world where he can take unclaimed money. Although unknown to Money Man, there's someone else who has bigger plans in mind...

General Information:

This is a game about loss. This whole game centers around a player character that is unaware of strange things to around him. This has been a huge fan made project of mine based on the works of Jazzuo. (More information about Jazzuo can be found here: https://jazzuo.net/categories/about/) I have been working on this ever since I released Money Man: Classic in 2021 (about 3 years ago) and it'll be uploaded here for free and will be available to anyone who is 17+.

Age Rating Reasons:

The reason for the age rating is due to the violent nature some scenes in the game have and if you are sensitive to certain topics such as alcohol abuse, gambling, addiction, guns, blood, loss, suicide, and disappearances this may not be a good game for you. While I'm aware a lot of these things are tolerable for most people, there will be a "Safe Mode" option for those who don't want to see anything involving self harm, blood & alcohol.

Comment from me:

My hope for this game is that the execution of my story is correct and that everyone understands it and that it can be taken seriously despite the very silly looking style of my game. I believe I have been able to create an environment in the game where dark topics like the suicide part can be taken seriously.

Any questions or concerns? Ask away!

This has been my most lengthy and ambitious project so I hope everyone enjoys it, take care!



Posted by Ant - March 10th, 2024

Hey guys!

I'm 18 and stuff naow, I will be graduating this year and will be going into an epic college later on this year. B]

I don't feel much different tbh but it's nice being 18 but also not because I have adult responisbilities or whatever.

I got an original Game Boy for my birthday too! :3




My cake was also sick!

For anyone wondering, I restore and collect old hardware so my parents got a cake replica of my Macintosh Plus!! :33

[The Macintosh Plus is on the right for comparison.]



My birthday was Febuary 23rd though so this post is really late, but it was a gud B-Day!

Here are some cat pics of Hunter and a lizard pic of Henry :D




Also MMR is still being developed with MAJOR news thats really hard not to spoil but everyone will have to wait until it's released. Please keep your eyes open though becuase the biggest game I ever made will be dropping this summer! [With enough luck and effort ofc...]

Here's a pic of the new title screen bcuz why not :P


Also might be bringing back my little Ant character except he's a cat lul

Might not be a final design tho


Drawn by one of my gud friends, here's a link to their instagram: https://www.instagram.com/killcode_hb5?igsh=dWE2YjgzaWd0MDc%3D&utm_source=qr

In other news...I'm going to go through all of my old artwork from when I was a little kid and start uploading it. No real reason but I feel like I spent hours drawing dumb shit when I was little just for it to be packed away so maybe putting my shitty old artwork here would give it a home ig for it to rot in NG's server room.

Kinda like when I uploaded these:

Anyways take care everyone, and keep ur eyes open for some great new stuff from me...I promise I don't just make shit post games!!!

- Ant :3



Posted by Ant - February 19th, 2024

do you? :0



Posted by Ant - January 12th, 2024

Hey guys, hope you are all doin well!

I'm currently putting together a little project with @tscoct that replaces a portion of Money Man: Classic in the bank where there's a ton of art.

(Replaces this part!)


From this game:

Since Money Man: Classic is getting a remake (Money Man: Refunded) I wanted to scrap that part and replace it with a game idea @tscoct had that will be a completely separate game on here, that being said if you make or have made any art that showcases Money Man in it then don't hesitate to let me know and it will be added to the game with credit!

(Also MMR is still going well but progress is slow for anyone who's curious.)

Thanks for reading!



Posted by Ant - December 8th, 2023

I'M BACK!!!!


(Artwork by @pyronator)

Dunno how to start this but imma just start RAMBLIIIIING!!! :D

Money Man: Refunded is back in development as I have finally gained a bunch of motivation back! I had a hiatus from game development for 5-6 months and I'm finally back at it!

The story has changed to be quite dark containing some not-so-ok-for-little-kids stuff in it since uhhhhh...I decided to I guess... The game is now rated M and will have a safe mode for people who are sensitive to the the following topics; alcohol, blood, violence, harsh swearing, suicide and guns.

The ending has changed as well in a surprising way to many who play the game expecting just a silly platformer. I won't spoil it but I hope everyone is able to enjoy the game, understand the story and get some sort of a sense of emotion from the game despite it having the silliest looking graphics. I've tried to make this game give a sense of unease as you play it and to those with a keen eye you will find optional story elements to figure out along the way.

A real inspiration to make the game M rated was how Jazzuo would kind of just make games of whatever he wanted regardless of the content. The game will make you rage as you play as well as having dark undertones, harsh visuals and a decent amount of swearing.

I wanted to incapsulate everything Jazzuo has made as one grand finale game to pay homage to a developer who isn't around anymore. His games were some of the most creative things I have ever played which sounds far fetched at first glance but he was very talented for the time. (Check out his stuff here: https://jazzuo.net/)

This game will also contain references to my most proudest and funniest of creations that I've made to wrap up my past in one neat little send-off as I continue on to make more and more things. I feel as if the majority of my games don't show my true potential as a developer and since I have been working on this for so long (3-4 years) I think that this will really prove my point. I really wanna move past all of my shitposts and show what I'm really capable of so I hope you enjoy the gameplay, silly style and in-depth story. Keep in mind that the story will also be a bit tricky so some things might need some detective work to solve.

With that I will no longer post any progress updates that reveal what the game looks like, all of the videos I have uploaded is all you'll have for now! I might be posting similar updates like this but no more screenshots and videos unless you're a friend of mine in a VC with me as I stream development.

Expect it to release some time next year!

Take care guys!!! :3



Posted by Ant - September 16th, 2023

Hey guys!

Shits been all over the place recently but I don’t really wanna get into it. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post MMR is currently on hold. I will be working towards getting a release date for all of you as I chip away at it. I also have plans to release a gameplay trailer very soon giving a final glimpse of what there is to look forward to and how it compares to the original version.

As silly and as funny as the game looks it will have some disturbing material and the age rating is looking to be rated M at the moment. There will be some serious moments but I don’t want to elaborate atm, you’ll find out when the game is out if you don’t already know.

I have a specific intended meaning for the story though if you are following along as you play you can make what you want of it, the meaning to me is one thing but the meaning could be completely different to someone else.

I doubled down on this decision since I felt it was fitting for a Jazzuo fan game as he has made games with pretty dark topic in them though the only difference with mine is that it’s meant to be taken a bit more seriously.

We also have a pretty important date coming up tomorrow being Sexy Hiking’s birthday is coming up. As of 9/17/23 SH will become 20 years old! That’s 2 decades and I think that’s crazy. The game came out on 9/17/03 contrary to what many other believe since Bennett Foddy mentioned Getting Over It to be based on Sexy Hiking and said it was released in 2002. The original date of the first known file is 9/17/03 and to back it up with more evidence it was made in Game Maker 5 which also came out in 2003 and it would’ve been impossible for SH so have came out in 2002.

So to celebrate this I will be throwing a small celebration in the Jazzuo Fanserver:


and if you like any of Jazzuo’s work visit:


There will be some stuff going on there too and if you’d like to make some Frantisek fanart or games or legit anything you want submit it to me or to the discord server and I’ll put everything on Jazzuo.net in its own category to commemorate the day.

This was all only mentioned in the first place because Jazzuo’s most successful game was SH and it was a huge inspiration for MMR and many other things I’ve made or are currently being made.

I hope you’re all well and are excited for the game I’ve been putting my all into it and it’s killed my motivation several times but after I get it back it’ll be in full swing and I’ll be releasing it someone next year within the first 4 months.

Take care! :D



Posted by Ant - September 11th, 2023

I'm not one to continue talking about this stuff like this but if you're one of these people fuck off lol

Thought it was just someone adding me bc they enjoyed my game

Then they asked to add something they made to the description

And after that I get a message from him asking if furry is a gender?

For context he's gay, I am too and I'm also a furry just to clear that up before you read this

Ik I don't rlly make that information known that well but if you're one of my friends or have known abt me for a while you definitely know




Just thought this was funny asf and wanted to share this, not afraid to censor their name either cause I just don't care to but that doesn't mean you can harass them

First of all I don't even act like an animal that would just be strange that's not what being a furry is, that's being a therian and I think therians take it too far tbh but that's just me

Second of all this dude is a weirdo acting like I care if he blocks me, I barely knew him for a day and he acts like I'd care if he blocked me acting all superior and shit

Seriously though if you are one of these people, politely leave my page and don't come back :]

Money Man: Refunded is on hold btw it'll be coming out sometime next year I promise


Posted by Ant - July 18th, 2023


My website is up!

I updated my site have have loads more content and I will slowly be adding more and more pages to it.

I also wanna start a lil blog on there too.

One of the main things I was happy about adding was a games page with exe downloads to my games, I am slowly porting all of my games to Construct 3 if possible and creating desktop versions for all of them.

These downloads will also become available on my itch.io page too if you don't want to visit my site for them.

Right now there isn't much to the games page but I plan on adding a page for each game individually in the future as well.

So I hope you enjoy my site I also put some silly pics on there as well as links so other site I own or like.

Money Man: Refunded Progress Update

So due to recent family related issues progress has slowed down again.

But during my terrible motivation-less state I decided to try out Construct 3, as you may or may not know both Money Man: Classic and Money Man: Refunded are made on Construct 2.

I didn't realize how much better Construct 3 was until I tried it out, I had so many roadblocks getting Money Man into Construct 3 though due to the use of over 10 plugins that weren't supported on Construct 3.


For example, with the hmmg_LayoutTransition plugin I have to remove it from MMR in order for it to work with Construct 3 and use the HGTransition plugin on Construct 3 r317 to do the screen flip effect instead.

This is such a pain in the ass since I used so many plugins but I think the new engine is worth all the work since it's so much better than Construct 2.

Anything else?

Yes! :D

I have been working on and off on a Game Maker game archive.

You may already know about my archive site for Jazzuo named jazzuo.net which has a lot of his games that were also made in Game Maker which inspired me to start putting a database together containing any Game Maker game I could find made in a classic version of Game Maker. (basically anything before Game Maker Studio so GM1-8.1)

If you would like to contribute to this please message me on Discord or on here!

My discord username is "8bitant".

Hope you all are well, take care! <3