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Hey guys!

Shits been all over the place recently but I don’t really wanna get into it. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post MMR is currently on hold. I will be working towards getting a release date for all of you as I chip away at it. I also have plans to release a gameplay trailer very soon giving a final glimpse of what there is to look forward to and how it compares to the original version.

As silly and as funny as the game looks it will have some disturbing material and the age rating is looking to be rated M at the moment. There will be some serious moments but I don’t want to elaborate atm, you’ll find out when the game is out if you don’t already know.

I have a specific intended meaning for the story though if you are following along as you play you can make what you want of it, the meaning to me is one thing but the meaning could be completely different to someone else.

I doubled down on this decision since I felt it was fitting for a Jazzuo fan game as he has made games with pretty dark topic in them though the only difference with mine is that it’s meant to be taken a bit more seriously.

We also have a pretty important date coming up tomorrow being Sexy Hiking’s birthday is coming up. As of 9/17/23 SH will become 20 years old! That’s 2 decades and I think that’s crazy. The game came out on 9/17/03 contrary to what many other believe since Bennett Foddy mentioned Getting Over It to be based on Sexy Hiking and said it was released in 2002. The original date of the first known file is 9/17/03 and to back it up with more evidence it was made in Game Maker 5 which also came out in 2003 and it would’ve been impossible for SH so have came out in 2002.

So to celebrate this I will be throwing a small celebration in the Jazzuo Fanserver:


and if you like any of Jazzuo’s work visit:


There will be some stuff going on there too and if you’d like to make some Frantisek fanart or games or legit anything you want submit it to me or to the discord server and I’ll put everything on Jazzuo.net in its own category to commemorate the day.

This was all only mentioned in the first place because Jazzuo’s most successful game was SH and it was a huge inspiration for MMR and many other things I’ve made or are currently being made.

I hope you’re all well and are excited for the game I’ve been putting my all into it and it’s killed my motivation several times but after I get it back it’ll be in full swing and I’ll be releasing it someone next year within the first 4 months.

Take care! :D


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