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Money Man: Remotivated!!

Posted by Ant - December 8th, 2023

I'M BACK!!!!


(Artwork by @pyronator)

Dunno how to start this but imma just start RAMBLIIIIING!!! :D

Money Man: Refunded is back in development as I have finally gained a bunch of motivation back! I had a hiatus from game development for 5-6 months and I'm finally back at it!

The story has changed to be quite dark containing some not-so-ok-for-little-kids stuff in it since uhhhhh...I decided to I guess... The game is now rated M and will have a safe mode for people who are sensitive to the the following topics; alcohol, blood, violence, harsh swearing, suicide and guns.

The ending has changed as well in a surprising way to many who play the game expecting just a silly platformer. I won't spoil it but I hope everyone is able to enjoy the game, understand the story and get some sort of a sense of emotion from the game despite it having the silliest looking graphics. I've tried to make this game give a sense of unease as you play it and to those with a keen eye you will find optional story elements to figure out along the way.

A real inspiration to make the game M rated was how Jazzuo would kind of just make games of whatever he wanted regardless of the content. The game will make you rage as you play as well as having dark undertones, harsh visuals and a decent amount of swearing.

I wanted to incapsulate everything Jazzuo has made as one grand finale game to pay homage to a developer who isn't around anymore. His games were some of the most creative things I have ever played which sounds far fetched at first glance but he was very talented for the time. (Check out his stuff here: https://jazzuo.net/)

This game will also contain references to my most proudest and funniest of creations that I've made to wrap up my past in one neat little send-off as I continue on to make more and more things. I feel as if the majority of my games don't show my true potential as a developer and since I have been working on this for so long (3-4 years) I think that this will really prove my point. I really wanna move past all of my shitposts and show what I'm really capable of so I hope you enjoy the gameplay, silly style and in-depth story. Keep in mind that the story will also be a bit tricky so some things might need some detective work to solve.

With that I will no longer post any progress updates that reveal what the game looks like, all of the videos I have uploaded is all you'll have for now! I might be posting similar updates like this but no more screenshots and videos unless you're a friend of mine in a VC with me as I stream development.

Expect it to release some time next year!

Take care guys!!! :3




money bags 10/10 IGN

As long as the M-rated stuff is handled maturely and not just pure shock value, I should be able to handle it.

Don't worry it's handled fine, I wouldn't put it there as a joke that would be a bit messed up...

i've seen you work on this game for a long time and im genuinely stoked to see what the end product will be like. i notice you do take breaks on and off from the project which i do heavily respect especially with your situation and the amount of sweat and tears you've poured into it. likewise i do look forward to the end product.

Thanks man, that means a lot!