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It's been a while! [MMR News, Website shit, & more!]

Posted by Ant - May 26th, 2023

Where the fuck have u been?

I jus haven't been using any social media shit lately

Especially Discord, I use it to talk to individual people but not really any servers except for one

Edit: Didn't realize how much I'd rant so skip this if u want lol

I'm trying not to do any online "friend group" shit cause that leads to problems cuz people are idiots

It's just a bunch of people doing something someone else does because this or that, they dont agree with one thing or another thing, or blah blah blah fighting fighting fighting and they just end up feeding the fire till someone gets kicked out and they quiet down for a bit until they need to kick another person out to satisfy their needs

(thats what it feels like at least)

I hate those types of groups online and I don't think I'll ever participate in actively being apart of any of those deranged hell-holes again

Long story short, just block someone and walk away instead of engaging and making it worse

It's so damn simple

I have been hanging out with my IRL friends more which has done wonders to my mental health

Socializing really helps so get out there and talk to people who are actually in the same room as you!


Where's MMR Ant, its taking too long!!!

So I've been taking a break from Money Man: Refunded as well so expect a later release date

It's almost done yet so much stuff needs to be added and fixed so thank u 4 ur patience T^T

If this helps to hold you over, I posted this vid:



So, what have you been doing?

I have been working on websites for the most part

Here is my personal site, its small but I plan to add more later on




I have been so hard at work on the Jazzuo website though because I want to provide an Ad-Free resource and an easy-to-access safe area on the web to download and play all of Jazzuo's wacky games for any fans that are still around!

He's inspired me greatly so hopefully this website can let his games live on!



Anything else?

My relationship with my bf has been so amazing and I haven't been this happy in a while, I love him sm and I can't thnk him enough for being so amazing to me <<3 :3

I turned 17 (idk if i posted abt that already lol) and after some time passed I realized that it actually did feel a change, I feel a bit more mature now and looking back I see my past self as of 2-3 years ago as such a immature weirdo but I finally feel good abt myself now, I'm still a bit awkward at times but its whatevs ig

I also participated in @PencilArtistEnt's 22nd b-day art raffle, so check it out if you want! :D



Have a nice day, and don't forget to get a breath of fresh air! :]




So proud of you for taking the steps in the right direction for your mental health Ant, keep doing what you're doing, and what makes you happy <3

Thanks Sky, I really appreciate it! :3

Good on you. The online friend stuff can be like a wormhole. Its amazing how much energy and stress it can take for something that can be unplugged and walked away from. Take care

Tell me about it, I used to be in one activity for years and after slowly distancing, I’ve felt so much better. Anyways, thanks Luis! :D

Heya Ant, it's been a while but I'm really happy to hear that your mental health has been improving a lot, it's good to do what's best for you personally. The thing about the friend groups is totally fair and I understand, especially with what happened to me over 2 years ago. More people need to understand that pointless drama isn't worth it and it's better to just block lmao.

I've since found some much better friends and they genuinely mean the world to me.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to whatever projects you have next.

Just stay rockin, love yourself and have an awesome day :D

Awe thanks!

I’m happy you could find yourself some better friends though, that’s good to hear!

Also I’m glad you’re looking forward to ‘em! I’m really tryin my best to make something better than anything else I’ve made in the past.

People will say blocking is for pussies but when I do it the point I try to get across is that I don’t care and that people can just be dramatic somewhere else.

Besides all that though, I hope you have a nice day too, take care SkyKid! :]

good to hear that you've been doing well

thx dude!

@Ant yw, glad that you have irl friends and stuff. i wonder if they know about your account on here and look at the silly things youve made

yeye some of them do but not all of them
I mean some of my games were school projects for my programming class even MMR is one so a decent amount of them know and use newgrounds occasionally

@Ant thats interesting!