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It's my birthday! + a NEW game and Money Man: Refunded updates!

Posted by Ant - February 23rd, 2023

It’s my b-day! :]

I am now 17! I don’t really feel any different lol

I guess im 1% more mature now or something idk

But ye woohoo to me it's my birthday and stuff wee :D

I’m going to be releasing a new game called Fat Fish Aquarium!


Me and my friends have joked about the game’s existence as well as the character Fat Fish for a long time in and out of our games but I am finally making this into a full on game! It’ll be a small one when I release it but I’ve been having fun making it over my week off. You may be asking though, “What about Money Man: Refunded?”, well don’t worry because that is still being made too! Due to Fat Fish Aquarium’s simplicity I’ve been able to take a break from MMR to work on this. MMR is a School project that has been going since day one of my school year and I haven’t taken a break from working on it until this week. I’ve been making Fat Fish Aquarium in cooperation with @AtreyuGilbert and it should be released in the upcoming weeks as long as everything goes to plan.


What's the deal with Money Man: Refunded?

I am still workin on it! It's almost done too! I have some finishing up to do with the ending portion and this last portion will take a long time to complete, don't expect to see the game out until around 3-4 months from now (maybe earlier) but I hope Fat Fish Aquarium can hold you over till then once it's out! I am trying so hard not to spoil the game but I really hope you guys enjoy it since I have been putting a lot of effort into it.

the conclusion or something lol

I am very happy rn in life and whatevs and I hope you guys are excited for my upcoming projects and that you enjoy them upon release! Take care everyone!




Happy birthday!


You probably won't feel that different even in another ten years, it seems the common consensus is eventually you just realize you look old, but you feel just about the same as always. XD Happy Birthday though! Seems like a fun game in the works too, looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

All the best man! May the party be fierce (in a good way) and hearty and cheers rain from peers down the stairs; may you cherish those years!!! Cause before you know it you'll be old when you look in that mirror. :P It is pretty weird.

Anyway not to get all existential here: Happy 17th!

Thanks CD, appreciate it dude!
I'll try my best to avoid the mirror as well lol


Ayy thx parra!

Happy birthday Ant and FINALLY FAT FISH AQUARIUM WILL BECOME REAL!!!!111!!!!111

Thx also yes its reallll!!!

happy birthday ant!
also yes that fat fish game is going to be great!

Hell yea, glad to have u workin on it too, thx btw!

Happy Birthday, Ant!

Thanks dude!!

Happy birthday!!

Thx! :D


Happy birthday, Ant! Make the most out of your year before adulthood!

Hell yeah, you know it!


Happy birthday!
I am officially excited for Fat Fish Aquarium.

Thx, glad to see people are lookin forward to it!

happy birthday Ant man, all the best for you!!!

Awe thanks dude!

Happy birthday!

Thank you!

youv been born, good jorb :)

Thanks dorgie

@Ant YW!!

Had no idea it was your birthday untill 10 seconds ago

Yeah right

Happy birthday! Excited for what the future holds!

Thx dude, glad you’re excited!

love the projects you make man !!!

i always will b for anythin !!!

happy 17th big boy !!!

Thanks dude! xD

Happy birthday!


honestly I thought you were older cuz you got better work than most people 16 to 17

well I appreciate it CJ lolz
but ye im 17

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